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Diametrically Ditto

Hey! My name's Bruce, welcome to my blog. I'm 23 and situated in Maine. Things I reblog include: The legend of Zelda, Anime, food, stuff I find funny/cool, supernatural, Dr. Who. Welcome!
May 14 '13

     This is my second gauntlet project. I finished my right arm, a dark green and black gauntlet, two days ago and immediately started work on this one.

      I decided I wanted to do a Legend of Zelda inspired one for my left arm. The colors are all related to the goddesses of Hyrule, gold for Hylia, red for Din, blue for Nayru, and green for Farore. Of course, since it’s my left arm, I had to put the triforce on the hand part. It’s probably the best way I could do it with such a small area to work with.

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